Celerbrate 3 wonderful lives

It’s always sad to deal with the passing of a loved family member. Over the last couple of weeks 3 families have had to come to terms with this loss.

Little Odie  – Loved a bath, hated a clip, attitude to the end. Words from his Mother “rest his little white curly soul”

Merlin – Proud big beautiful Weimaraner, but such a goon, very much missed by Anuka     

(sadly no photos of these boys)

Rocky  – Our little man Rocky – I first met young Rocky back in 2000, in my mobile  hydo bath  days. He so loved his bath, stand in the bath proud as punch, loving all the attention. He became, over the years so much better to clip and comb that “beard” , but when it was nail cutting time –  bless, he never did mellow on that one. Even on his last bath day I was still greeted with that little tail wag. Rest his little Schnauzer soul.Rocky 15+ yrs

The up side is all these boys lived wonderful, happy long lives and as a Groomer I get to experience a small part of these lives every week/fortnight for a precious few hours. I have my own special time with these beautiful animals, for that I am truly grateful.

Cheers Ronnie