The Bath Club provides full grooming services, with the added bonus of a pickup and/or deliver home service*. Whether you are requiring a professional pet style to an all over body summer clip (smoothie), or just a bath and brush out, I’m sure we can help. Pick up and drop off times are flexible and can be negotiated at time of appointment, which means no long boring waiting time for your dog at the salon. All prices listed below may vary depending on the condition of the dog and will be discussed at appointment time.

Products used at The Bath Club are all natural, soap free and sulphate free. Please take note that any dogs presented with an aversion to being groomed, knots or matting will take longer and will incur a higher fee. We will not de matt dogs if the knots are excessive and close to the skin. These dogs will need to be very carefully shaved off so as to not cause them anymore pain or undue stress.

FLEAS: If your dog is found to have fleas we will give them a flea rinse before commencing normal grooming procedure and administer a flea “knockdown” tablet. We will contact you as soon as possible regarding the above action and discuss a suitable flea control routine for you and your pet.

HYDRO BATHING: this includes a thorough brush, shampoo, condition, nails cut, ears cleaned, blow dry and cologne.

Short Coat Long/Double Coat
Small Dogs Up to 10kg $25 $30
Medium Dogs 10-20kg $30 $35
Large Dogs 20-40kg $35 $35-$50
X Large Dogs 40kg and up $40 $45+

Mini Grooms or Tidy ups: these include the above service plus trimming around eyes, fringes, feet and hygiene areas for an extra $10

CLIPPING AND STYLING: All clipping and scissoring is done after and includes the full hydro bathing service listed above. We are booked at least 2 weeks in advance and 4-6 weeks during the warmer weather so it is advisable to have regular appointments pre-booked. An appointment every 6-8 weeks is recommended to ensure your dogs coat is kept at its best. Dogs with thick double undercoats need to be stripped or brushed out. This should be done instead of clipping the coat off as these breeds should maintain their correct coat. Feet and hygiene areas are still attended to with this service and price is the same as clipping.

Small Dogs $65-70 e.g. Maltese, Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle,Schnauzer, Oodles and crosses
Medium Dogs $70-75 e.g. Cavalier King Charles Cocker Spaniel, Cavoodle and spoodles etc
Large Dogs $80-100 e.g. Golden Retriever, Groodle, Airedale, border Collie German Shepherd
X Large Dogs $100 + e.g. Maremma, Newfoundland Malamute