Tails and Tidbits

“Tails and Tidbits”

The unspeakable was about to happen. Friday afternoon, six pairs of big brown eyes, all looking up at me with that, “where’s the bickie” look on their faces. Someone had forgotten to buy the dog biscuits. (Me). “That’s ok,” I thought, I shall just race into the pet shop up the road and grab a bag of treats to save the day.

I pulled into a park outside the pet shop as close to the door as possible, as I wasn’t feeling too comfortable about leaving all the puppies in the car unattended. Put down the windows a bit, grabbed the keys and locked the car. A couple of minute later, armed with doggie delicacies, I came racing out of the shop. I pushed the button on the keys and hearing the click noise grabbed the door handle and threw open the car door.

Oh my God! – my heart stopped, a wave of nausea went through me, finishing in the pit of my stomach. The dogs, where the hell where the dogs! My mind raced, what was I going to tell their owners. I couldn’t think and I couldn’t breath. Then, it hit me, a denim jacket lying across the front seat. I don’t have a denim jacket and if I did, I wouldn’t have it in the car. In fact, nothing in the front of this car was looking very familiar at all.

Oh my God! – I looked up and there parked 2 cars up is a white, late model commodore wagon with 6 happy little faces and 6 happy tails wagging. I look down to the car I was standing beside, with the door open and see a white early model Mitsubishi sigma wagon.

OOPS! – Within a blink of an eye, I am sitting in my car surrounded by wet noses and slobbery kisses, breathing normally once again.

Driving out I glance across at the other car and think, “What idiot doesn’t lock their car these days, how dare they put me through all that.”


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