Well a big Woof hello – WOOF, WOOF and a tail wag, as I am very excited about getting this site up and running.

Formalities first, in case you don’t know me:

  • Ronnie Inglis
  • 40 – Something
  • Pet Groomer – By choice
  • One Partner – Very supportive
  • Two Dogs – Not quite as supportive
  • Two Cats – Definitely not supportive
  • Eight Budgies –Totally indifferent

On the 1st September 2006, The Bath Club was born

and the first appointment for the day was Miss Murphy-Brown.

However, “Murphi-licous” was not my first, so to speak, that was 8 or so years ago, when I was trained and mentored by an amazing lady who owned a hydro bath franchise. I was lucky enough to work for, and with, this lady for the next 6 years, until the day came to “move on”.

I was by no means ready to stop doing what I had fallen in love with and with the help of very supportive friends and amazingly loyal clients, we continue to have Brisbane’s

Happy Clean Pups

For all Dog Hair and Body Care I can be contacted on:

M: 0417 736 551


Or leave a comment/message on this page – (I look forward to those)


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