Ceasars Good words for starting the week off


Building a Dream

This week has been full of interesting milestones for me, both old and new, but let me begin by saying, “¡Viva México, viva México, viva México!” to all my Spanish-speaking friends, because today is México’s Independence Day. I was reminded very much of this event last Thursday, as I stood on the American side of the border and revisited the place where I came across illegally over twenty years ago. It was a very emotional moment for me, remembering how I arrived, because I went back to that place on another very important anniversary. Eight years ago last Thursday, “Dog Whisperer” premiered on TV, and I saw my dreams come true. I had come to America a poor boy with only a hundred dollars on me — well, actually, a coyote (or smuggler) relieved me of that money before I came over the border. I spoke no English, and I slept under a freeway for two months until two very kind women gave me a job grooming dogs and let me sleep in the shop. And then suddenly, I’m a TV star. Well, not so suddenly. It did take fourteen years, and during those years, so many people showed such unselfish kindness to me that I never doubted such a thing as The American Dream was true. I would not be where I am today without their help and trust. When I first arrived, even if I had been the most incredible pack leader (or brain surgeon or athlete or whatever), without some people giving freely from their own good fortunes, I could have starved to death under a bridge in San Diego, and no one would have ever heard of me.

Of course, without dogs to help and so many people so passionate about them, I would not be where I am today, either — in a position to give back so much. This is another reason that my final episode of “Dog Whisperer” was so meaningful to me. I got to end the series helping someone who was where I was when I first came to America — homeless. I have also been fortunate enough that I was able to start my own Foundation to carry on the work of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abandoned dogs, which is my way of giving back everything wonderful I have been given. Despite what some have said, nobody becomes a success entirely on their own. It took people with belief in me to help me learn English and open my first Dog Psychology Center. It took people with a vision to give me a TV show, then it took passionate fans to make that show a success through nine seasons. Countries can declare themselves independent, but people cannot, no matter how much they might think they need no one else. We, humanity, are a pack, and we all rely on each other. There is no wrong in asking for help if you need it; there is no reason to not offer help if you can. All you need to get others to believe in you is to believe in yourself first — then follow your dream and pursue your passion.


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